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IMPORTANT: Those responding to your ad will see a link to contact you. They do not see your email, You are sent a private message and the system will then email you to let you know it exists, You can respond to the prospective purchaser by replying to the Private message & they will receive notification that you done so. You have to be logged in ( to retrieve your messages.

1) Why do I have to register to respond to an AD?

There are many scams out there. Forcing  a responder to register will first of all eliminate many of them who cannot pass the challenge question. Secondly, if you do get a suspicious response, you can contact admin. Since the individual will be registered, we can find out info about him such as location, and help determine if he is legit. All transactions, however, are the sole responsibility of the lister & listee. NATCOA accepts no liability for someone being scammed. We do however try to help our sellers avoid them to the best of our ability.

2) Why can't I upload more photo's?

Storage space costs us money, and this is a free service. You can easily download the free software, Faststone, which will reduce most photos to less than 100K in size with little loss in quality. This will enable you to upload about 5-10 photos. Your other option is to link to them externally by adding them in the main description box. Faststone is a very useful program to have, anyway. if you really need more space on a particular ad, you can contact Paul . I may approve more on an individual basis.

To use Faststone effectively, load the problem and click "Use Advanced Options". Click "Resize" and select 640 x 480. This will reduce most photos to less than 100K in size.

3) I can't see anywhere for a buyer to contact me in my Ad. What Gives?

You can't, but anyone else can as long as they are registered. You really don't want to contact yourself do you? Others will see a link. When they respond it will send you a private message which is indicated by a Red number in the envelope icon near the upper right. You will also receive an email notification.

Important: If you have an email filtering service, you must set it to allow emails from This is the email notifications of responses are mailed from.

4) How long does my ad appear for and can I renew it? How do I renew?

120 days, and yes, you can renew it.

You cannot renew an ad until it has expired. It is up to you to monitor the days left. After expiry, the ad is still visible for 30 more days. Go into your account on the forum (where the ad is displayed). At the upper right you will see your "handle" with a drop down arrow, click the arrow and select "manage classifieds. If it is within 30 days of having expired, you will see your ad under active ads with a renew button to the right. If it is over 230 days expired you will see the ad under expired ads with the renew button to the right. The ad is permanently purged 120 days after expiry and cannot be renewed. You may renew up to 4 times without re-posting.

5) Can I delete my ad if the item is sold?

Yes you can . Press the "Close Item" button. Expired listings will also auto-delete a few days after they expire

6) What sort of ad can I post?

This is mainly an RV site, so anything RV related. You may also post other sorts of stuff in the "Misc" category. This is not a site for commercial sales, so any ads other than personal, may be deleted and you may find yourself banned. If not sure, email the admin.

7) I am an RV dealer, can I post RV's?

Yes, but only one Ad, unless you are a NATCOA corporate member, in which case you may post as many as you like. (Join NATCOA)

I can't edit my ad.

Contact Admin

) I have forgotten my password or Log-in ID and the auto-recovery won't work

Contact the Forum admin . He can reset it.

10) Facebook & Twitter

You may link your account with your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. Simply go to the upper right & click on the icon to the left of your "Handle". Go to "My Settings" and find the links for Facebook & twitter & follow the prompts. You can use your pass from those sites to log on and you can export your ad to either of those sites. Anyone searching on Facebook for Truck Campers, etc. should find this site.